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The Boro Repair Society @ Sustainable Fashion Week

'Boro' comes from the Japanese word 'boroboro' which means tattered or repaired. This workshop will start you off on your journey into making boro . (It is very addictive and versatile, you'll be hooked I promise.
This workshop is being run in collaboration with Sustainable Fashion Week. These cool cats know that what you wear matters to all of us, and ask us to reconsider our relationship with clothes. You can read more about their work here.

In this workshop we will learn how to adapt this Japanese tradition of 'boro' to our time and our place - fixing clothes and keeping them in circulation. The method or doing is known as 'sashiko' which means 'little stabs' in Japanese and is ideally done by hand. Doing this creates 'boro' - although I like to think of 'boro' as something that you make over time.

Each repair is unique to the person whose fixing it, and so the class sizes are kept small meaning you can get some high-quality attention from your teacher. The aim is to set you off on what will hopefully be a skill for the rest of your life.

Click here to book your ticket to the Boro Repair Society

This ticket will cover an introduction to 'boro' and a starter pack of some special Japanese fabrics, needles and threads will be sent to you in the post.

-40g Japanese cotton textiles. (Pot luck of reclaimed scraps)
-Japanese Sashiko thread
-Japanese Sashiko needles (Extra sturdy to go through several layers)
-Beeswax pineapple
-Water eraseable pen


-Something to fix. Denim garments are a good place to start. Bring a few things if you are not sure.
-Extra threads for tacking, pins, scissors
-Extra fabrics (you may need to create a larger panel to finish your repair)



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