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This event was held on 27 March (Tokyo) and 4 April, 2021 (Osaka). The archive video is available to watch until 27 December, 2021, and 4 January, 2022, respectively.

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Megumi Fujita Piano Recital   藤田めぐみ ピアノ・リサイタル
Beethoven  ベートーヴェン
Piano Sonata No.31 in A-flat major, Op.110  ピアノソナタ第31番 変イ長調 作品110
Piano Sonata No.32 in C minor, Op.111  ピアノソナタ第32番 ハ短調 作品111

Chopin  ショパン
Piano Sonata No.2 in B-flat major, Op.35  ピアノソナタ第2番 変ロ短調 作品 35
Piano Sonata No.3 in B minor, Op.58  ピアノソナタ第3番 ロ短調 作品58

As mentioned in the report titled “ Report on Megumi Fujita Piano Recital on October 27,2019“ dated 10th February, 2020, the piano recital by Megumi Fujita for Complete 24 Etudes by Frédéric Chopin held in St John’s Smith Square in October, 2019, which had been approved as an Official Event of the Japan-UK Season of Culture 2019-2020, was praised by Mr. Robert Matthew-Walker, editor of “Musical Opinion” Magazine (published since 1877) on page 44 of the Jan-Mar, 2020 Issue number 1522, with the closing, " her fine recording of these very works, on the Intim Musik label [IMCD 123] is thoroughly recommended. One looks forward to hearing this artist again in London soon.”

Such being a result as above, Megumi Fujita will play highly challenging programming for the applied event, which is to play continuously the last two of the 32 piano sonatas composed by Beethoven, and after an interval, sonatas no. 2 and no. 3 by Chopin without a break in-between. Megumi Fujita feels Beethoven’s Sonata No.32 is a continuation of No.31, as is No.2 and No.3 of Chopin’s. Furthermore she felt Chopin may have been influenced by Beethoven’s last great sonata (no.32), when he was composing his Sonata No.2.

The final two great sonatas by both Chopin and Beethoven performed side by side will be brought to life directly from written music by Megumi Fujita.

Supported by : Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  , Kawai Music Association
協賛: 株式会社河合楽器製作所、カワイ音楽振興会
With the cooperation of :  Beethoven-Kreis Japan, The Frédéric Chopin Society of Japan,
Japan Federation of Musicians, Polish Cultural Institute in Tokyo
Piano Teachers’ National Association of Japan (PTNA)
後援: 日本ベートーヴェンクライス、日本ショパン協会、公益社団法人 日本演奏連盟



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