` Shodo: Japanese Calligraphy Workshop Part 4

Shodo: Japanese Calligraphy Workshop Part 4 "道 - Do: The Way" with Akemi Lucas

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Shodo: Japanese Calligraphy Workshop Part 4 " - Do: The Way" with Akemi Lucas

Date:  10th April 2021, Saturday

Time:  10:30-13:00 (2.5 hours lesson,10 minutes break in between)

Online tool:  ZOOM (link will be sent to you after your purchase**)

Ticket Price:

  1. £30 - Single person ticket

Ticket with Calligraphy equipment set:

  1. £75 - Single person incl. 1 equipment set with 1 thick brush

(incl. 1st class shipping within the mainland UK)

  1. £82 - Single person incl. 1 equipment set with 2 brushes (1 thick & 1 thin)

(incl. 1st class shipping within the mainland UK)


To join the workshop please purchase before 17:00 on 9th April 2021( ticket sale with equipment will end at 17:00 on 30th March 2021)

<Workshop plan>
Please be prepared 10 minutes before the workshop starts.

1. Greeting and brush warm-up exercise
2. Explanation of "道 - Do" and lesson plan
3. Practice of basic strokes 
4. Stroke order of "道 - Do", and practice.
(10 minutes break)
5. Talk about Hanshi paper ( calligraphy paper ) - types and use
6. "道 - Do" in Kaisho form to finalise.
5. Expression "道 - Do" with dark ink, practice, finalise.
6. Expression "道 - Do" with water and ink, practice, finalise.

(finish workshop)

Instructor details:
Koshu Japanese Art : Akemi Lucas (雅号:紅秋)
Koshu is the identity of Akemi Lucas as a Japanese calligraphy master.  She was born in Japan and started learning calligraphy from the age of eight. Her distinct style of calligraphy builds on traditional skills, and further embodies of fusion of the ancient and the modern, the eastern and the western, and the before and the after. Currently, she is based in the UK as a Japanese artist, predominantly working on exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops, and commissions. Her latest calligraphy artworks were used in the 2019 Rugby World Cup and a multi-media advertising campaign for the main sponsor of the British Olympic team for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Website: www.koshujapaneseart.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/koshujapaneseart/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/akemilucas/
Gallery: http://koshujapaneseart.co.uk/gallery/
Shop: http://koshujapaneseart.co.uk/art-for-sale-2/
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Koshu?ref=l2-shop-info-avatar&listing_id=730783184



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