Imge:Philosophy in a Tea Cup: an ancient art of Japanese tea ceremony

Philosophy in a Tea Cup: an ancient art of Japanese tea ceremony

Japanese tea ceremony is not a religious act but it is highly influenced by Zen philosophy and has a lot of meaning and cultural value. Its elegance and delicate preparation goes all the way back to times of samurai and humble monks and gives us insights on what is cherished in Japanese culture. It is believed that meeting a guest is a possibility that may never repeat itself in the future. Sharing a tea has a spiritual meaning of savoring the moment, realizing its transiency, enjoying the inner peace and bonding with a guest. It has a symbolic significance and is one of the major principles of Japanese hospitality. Join us for this fascinating talk and learn how a simple act like tea making can help you to slow down, absorb the imperfection of what is in life and take a moment to rebuild your own sense of balance.

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