image-ONLINE EVENT - Cooking with Seaweed - the mineral-rich sea vegetable with Atsuko Ikeda & Clearspring


ONLINE EVENT - Cooking with Seaweed - the mineral-rich sea vegetable with Atsuko Ikeda & Clearspring

Japan Society is delighted to partner with Clearspring and London-based chef Atsuko Ikeda to offer members a special online workshop on how to cook with seaweed.

In recent years, there has been a rise in interest in seaweed for its multifaceted benefits thanks to environmental and sustainability awareness in addition to the popularity of Japanese food. Appreciation of this mineral-rich foodstuff has grown and a greater variety of seaweed products is now available in the UK. However, knowledge of different types of sea vegetable and their uses is still not widespread.

For this special Japan Society workshop, Atsuko has created new recipes using different kinds of seaweeds such as nori, arame, wakame and kanten (agar), all of which are available in the UK.

UK-resident participants will receive a package* containing a variety of seaweeds and seasonings courtesy of Clearspring to make 4 vegan dishes:

  • Sashimi kanten (sea vegetables) with sumiso (vinegar miso)
  • Seaweed and spring onion pancake
  • Shira-ae (mashed tofu salad) with arame
  • Matcha mousse dessert made with agar and kuzu

    Participants will need to provide their own fresh ingredients and cooking utensils. Details will be provided.

*Please note that unfortunately we can send the Clearspring ingredient package to UK addresses only.

Atsuko Ikeda is a London based Japanese chef, cookbook author of Sushi Made Simple and Atsuko’s Japanese Kitchen and food photographer.

She has been sharing her knowledge and techniques of Japanese cooking with a series of classes at Atsuko’s Kitchen, which introduces family favourites, healthy vegan cuisine known as shojin ryori, alongside the art of sushi making.

Her classes are informal and interactive. Her down-to-earth and unpretentious approach to cuisine combined with her talent to create delicious, simple to prepare, beautiful meals perfectly impart the Japanese philosophy of elegance and simplicity.

If you have any questions, please call the Japan Society office on 020 3075 1996 or email us at:

Booking Details
£35 per person
The price includes postage and tuition fee. UK-resident participants will receive a complimentary ingredient package courtesy of Clearspring (worth £24.00). 

Booking essential - Priority booking for Japan Society members and their guests

Bookings open for non-members from 30 April 2021 
(More details on how to become a member here)

In order to allow us to support participants to achieve success in their cooking, numbers are limited to 12 per workshop. Early booking is recommended.



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