Japanese Artists at the Architecture Film Festival London


Japanese Artists at the Architecture Film Festival London

We are proud to partner with Architecture Film Festival London in welcoming Japanese artists to the programme line-up of the festival this June. Exploring film and installation performance pieces that create architecture out of light, projection, and film, Capsule #3 titled Temporal Architecture Sculpted in Time will include films and videos that showcase Japanese visual, sound and spatial artists such as Shiro Takatani and Dumb Type.

Temporal Architecture Sculpted in Light

Existing between the real and the imagined, the architecture of space and time created by film allows us to temporarily inhabit non-existent worlds. Intently constructed to be experienced through multiple senses, it deconstructs the space it inhabits and reconstructs an alternative space to be experienced. Manifested in a range of forms, either being passively observed or actively engaged with, this temporal, imaginary architecture is built out of light, projection, film and data.

This capsule will explore film and installation performance pieces that create architecture out of light, projection, and film. It will examine non-physical imaginary spaces which sit between virtual 3D systems and physical architectural spaces. By looking at temporal art pieces that are intended to be observed and experienced in the present and in person, this programme aims to investigate / explore architecture that has been created and enhanced with the medium of film.


Shiro Takatani, Between Nature and Technology

Giulio Boato, Canada, 2019, 52′

Across Europe and Japan, this film covers over three decades of Shiro Takatani’s artistic journey through his installations, theatre and dance performances. Takatani and his collaborators (including composer Ryuichi Sakamoto) explain the driving principles behind his work where nature and people are observed through modern tools. Takatani uses technology to improve our understanding of our environment: enhancing infinitely small organisms, showing large scale galaxies, creating an interaction between performers / dancers with cameras and large screens. Carefully selected performances and installations – remarkably filmed – demonstrate the evolution of his work.


Dumb Type – Members: Takayuki Fujimoto, Ken Furudate, Satoshi Hama, Marihiko Hara, Yuko Hirai, Ryoji Ikeda, Nobuaki Oshika, So Ozaki, Ryo Shiraki, Norico Sunayama, Shiro Takatani, Yoko Takatani, Mayumi Tanaka, Hiromasa Tomari, Misako Yabuuchi, Aoi Yamada, Toru Yamanaka, Yukiko Yoshimoto, Japan, 2020, 57′

Under the direction of Shiro Takatani who was one of the founding members, this work is the first to be presented since Voyage (2002) 18 years ago.

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