` Pop the Wave! HOKUSAI -北斎- Wave pop art workshop with Rie Takeda

Rainbow FUJI: Hokusai -北斎- pop art workshop with Rie Takeda

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Rainbow Fuji: Pride Month Hokusai ~北斎~ pop art workshop with Rie Takeda
Date: 12th June 2021, Saturday 

Time:  14:00-16:30 (2.5  hours lesson with a short break)

Online tool:  ZOOM (link will be sent to you after your purchase**)

Ticket Price:

  • £30 - Single person ticket
  • £45 – Duo ticket : 2 person to join with 1 access



To join the workshop please purchase before 17:00 on 11th June 2021

<Workshop plan>
Please be prepared 10 minutes before the workshop starts.

  • Welcome/Meet and greet. Introduction to Hokusai’s Mt.Fuji (36 views of Mount Fuji/ Back of a Wave on the Open Sea off Kanagawa 1813-1834) and interpretations + variations of Mt.Fuji in design.
  • Sketching the composition and choosing the main rainbow colours.
    Presenting the symbolism of pride colours
  • Using colour pencils, your choice of colour and tone
  • Demonstration of how to tone the colours
  • Colouring+ process
  • Layering + adding detailed patterns and strokes
  • Fine lining and shading
  • Highlighting the white parts
  • Fine-tuning + creating the title + adding the name (plus stamp)
  • Finissage presentation
  • Q&A time


Rie Takeda : 
Rie started practicing calligraphy at the age of five under the creative supervision of her grandmother, a distinguished “GAYU-Ryu” calligrapher. Later she completed the master of the Gayu calligraphy school in Japan.

Rie’s most representative work is a collection of her ‘Painted Poems’ series. ‘Painted Poems’ radiates with an embrace of unified harmony, striving to create a Natsukashii feeling~a warm nostalgia paired with the momentum of the here and now. Original poems pour into calligraphic design compositions, flowing with rich colours, patterns and an atmospheric spirit. The art of calligraphy, traditional craftsmanship, symbolism, Wabi-Sabi and Haiku-inspired poetry are all interlaced in her collection.

In addition, Rie produces calligraphy works, collages, print designs and works in Body-Art. She works on several projects, collaborations from game companies like Sega to the fashion brands including Kin by John Lewis, Desmond and Dempsey.

She’s been teaching the art of Shodo with her original mindfulness-based-method for 15 years.



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