` Sumi-e (Japanese Ink Painting) Workshop Part4:  “白梅: Hakubai-White Plum Blossom” Workshop with Akemi Lucas

Naviar Virtual

Naviar Virtual aims to bring online the spirit of our yearly physical event Naviar Haiku Fest, which was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a one-day monthly event of Haiku workshops, music contests, panel discussions and music performances broadcasted live on our online channels and by our radio partners worldwide. Naviar Virtual is an excellent opportunity to showcase Naviar’s community members’ works to a global audience and give artists a chance to share their music during these strange times.

We have already successfully organized three Naviar Virtual events this year. Looking forward, the idea is to upscale the event content and host three more events in June, July and August 2021. A breakthrough for these upcoming events is that there is going to be a Japanese haiku master to virtually join our webinar as well as our fireside chat. These 2-hour workshops will be dedicated to analysing the rules of writing a haiku, its history, structure, and writing rules, while the fireside chat will be focused on creativity, the link between music and haiku, the impact of Japanese poetry in the art world and more. Naviar Virtual will then show how this form of poetry can inspire music creativity as the event will be followed by live music performances on Naviar Recod’s YouTube Channel and Facebook live.



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