Img:Leach Pottery Conversation: Raku with Tim Andrews & Toshio Ohi Chozaemon Xl


Leach Pottery Conversation: Raku with Tim Andrews & Toshio Ohi Chozaemon Xl

Join the Leach Pottery’s conversation with Tim Andrews, a UK raku and smoke-firing potter, and Toshio Ohi Chozaemon Xl, an 11th generation Japanese Ohi potter related to the Raku family. We will explore over 500 years of history, from raku as a Japanese craft, to its journey to the West, and its standing today.

Dr Matthew Tyas, Leach Pottery Curator, will introduce the 45 minute conversation between Tim and Toshio. There will be a 5 minute break, mid-way, followed by an opportunity for Tim and Toshio to answer questions from the audience submitted through the Zoom Q&A function (10 minutes).

Bernard Leach first tried raku in Japan over a century ago. This was Bernard’s first ever pottery experience, a pivotal moment that moved him to follow the path of ceramics:

“Enthralled, I was on the spot seized with the desire to take up this craft.”

- Bernard Leach, Beyond East & West, p56

For Bernard, this experience changed the course of his life inspiring him to become a pioneer artist-potter. This paved the way to Bernard setting up the Leach Pottery in St Ives in 1920 with his good friend Shoji Hamada, marking the beginning of the story of how raku parties made their way to a corner of south-west England.

Now, as part of our centenary celebrations, the Leach Pottery is hosting this conversation alongside a National Raku Party to inspire people to try raku and get involved with pottery.

This conversation will be hosted as a Zoom Webinar: spaces are free but limited. To book your ticket, please visit the event page.



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