Botanical Installation and artist

Botanical Installation by Satoshi Kawamoto at Pantechnicon

Expressing Pantechnicon’s passion for Japanese art, culture and design, a specially commissioned installation of plants and flowers by Japanese creative director Satoshi Kawamoto welcomes guests at the entrance of newly opened Japanese restaurant, Sachi.

Satoshi’s first collaboration in the UK, he has used a combination of real and artificial plants, local flowers and dried foliage to create this beautiful work of art. He drew inspiration from traditional patterns found on kimonos, particular those that use clouds. These cloud patterns symbolise the admiration for nature, along with representing notions of hope, change, impermanence and proximity to Gods.

When selecting the flowers, Satoshi carefully considered how they will age and change over time. With the concept of wabi sabi – beauty in imperfection – in mind, Satoshi chose colours with careful thought as to how they will fade as they grow older. He wants people to notice how the installation changes from opening to when they come back after one month and even more dramatically changes after six months.



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