Current Harajuku Makeup Trends with RinRin Doll

Current Harajuku Makeup Trends with RinRin Doll

About the instructor – RinRin Doll

RinRin Doll is a YouTuber, model, and TV host in Tokyo, Japan from Los Angeles, California. She speaks English, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese. Charmed by her first lolita dress, she now shares her love of Japan’s unique fashion through her makeup and fashion videos on her YouTube channel and actively promotes Japanese fashion worldwide through tea parties, fashion shows, and concerts. She is also a regular model for the popular lolita brand, Angelic Pretty and is a regular host for NHK Kawaii International, an English program that features Japanese kawaii culture to the world.

She has had first-hand experience seeing fashion being a wonderful source of community and support and she hopes to bring more people from different countries around the world together through a shared interest in Japanese fashion and culture.

In this workshop for HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021, RinRin Doll will show you the following makeup tips:

  • Harajuku makeup trends: How to put more focus on the eyes with eyeliner, glitter, blush, and more
  • Get the original “RinRin Face Chart” as a printable for you to use!
  • Bring the suggested makeup materials and do your makeup with RinRin, or just bring an eye, lip and cheek colour and follow along on the chart!

Join RinRin Doll to get ready for your next Harajuku style outing!

Tickets for this event are £20 and sales close at 5pm on Friday 23 July 2021.



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