HANABIRIUM - Free 360-Degree Video and Talk About Japanese Fireworks

HANABIRIUM - Free 360-Degree Video and Talk About Japanese Fireworks

HANABIRIUM is a totally new experience: a 360-degree omnidirectional video experience of fireworks (or Hanabi in Japanese).

This film gives you the joy to watch 5,000 fireworks shoot up from all directions. It is a completely new viewing experience in which viewers can watch the fireworks from directly below, where only professional pyrotechnicians are normally allowed for safety reasons. This film is a first-ever fulldome (fulldome refers to immersive dome-based video projection environments where the viewer is surrounded by the video projection in a hemispherical angle of view) educational film in the fireworks industry, which was shown at planetariums in Japan.

In this film, you will be able to learn the history as well as the technology of Japanese fireworks that has advanced over the past 400 years, since the Edo period. In this work, the story of fireworks unfolds through documentary video and CG animation, with a boy named Spark as its central character.

At HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021, this film, which was created to be screened in planetariums, will be specially live-streaming as a 360-degree video. This is the first time the video will be shown around the world, and it's free to join. Turn your YouTube to VR mode to fully experience fireworks from Japan!

Following the video, there will be a Q&A with two of the minds behind the HANABIRIUM project.

About the Speakers:

Sei Iwano
Director at Nihonbashi Marutamaya Co. Ltd., Planner and Director of HANABIRIUM

Iwano developed malignant lymphoma at the age of 19 and set out on a path of exploration into potential modes of expression to relate the sensation of being alive. Then, fireworks were applied in front of him and sparkled his heart. Fireworks inspire a high level of freedom in interpretation and have the power to touch the heart of everyone. He has produced a lot of fireworks shows at domestic and international fireworks festivals and continue walking his path.

Sayaka Shimada
Fireworks Art Director at Nihonbashi Marutamaya Co., Ltd., Director of HANABIRIUM

Shimada was introduced to the world of fireworks during her undergraduate years and became fascinated with its energy. She started her career as a firework show designer after her graduation and participated in domestic and international fireworks competitions including the International Fireworks Competition Hannover. She is currently enrolled at Tokyo University of the Arts as a Ph.D. student and making artworks with fireworks.

Webpage: https://www.hanabirium.com


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