Img:Geisha & Maiko Tea House Tour: HYPER Live! from Kyoto

Geisha & Maiko Tea House Tour: HYPER Live! from Kyoto

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Geisha & Maiko Tea House Tour : HYPER Live! from Kyoto

Meet Geisha & Maiko from Kyoto to see their skilled Japanese dance & music at a members only Tea House in Ponto-cho district .

Type: Live streaming from Kyoto

Date: 1st August 2021

Time: 10:00am -11:30pm

Ticket Price: £35 to enjoy together with your friends & family from 1 device

Organiser in Kyoto: luxury tours japan (click for their website)

Platform: Zoom/Webinar (hosted by HYPER JAPAN 2021)

Precautions: Suitable for any age. Family members or/and friends to watch together.


Kyoto Organiser’s details:




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