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01 Oct Curator Talk by Hara Kenya: Architecture for Dogs Online
03 Oct Online Katazome (Stencil Dyeing) Workshop Online
03 Oct Sayaka Murata Exclusive Recorded Interview at Cheltenham Literature Festival + LIVE Q&A Online
06 Oct ONLINE-Gyokusendō: Workshop Visit & Conversation Online
07 Oct ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Film Club: When a Woman Ascends the Stairs directed by Mikio Naruse Online
07 Oct Translating Kishio Suga: Things. Situations. Unfoldings Online
08 Oct ONLINE-Takahashi Hiroko: Studio Visit & Conversation Online
08 Oct Developing Professional Women’s Football in Japan & the UK with Kikko Okajima Murray & Kelly Simmons Online
10 Oct ONLINE TALK - Zaido: Documenting a 1,300 year old ceremony Online
12 Oct ONLINE EVENT: From Japan with Love – Virtual Tour at Sotheby’s London Online
13 Oct ONLINE EVENT – Kogin Embroidery Workshop Online
14 Oct US Election: the Implications for Asia Policy Online
14 Oct Japan’s Far More Female Future, with Kathy Matsui and Bill Emmott Online
15 Oct The Making of ‘Ainu: Indigenous People of Japan’ – Panel discussion Online
15 Oct 日英のジャーナリズム Online
16 Oct Kimono Crossing the Sea - Its Power to Inspire Imagination and Creativity Online
18 Oct ONLINE LECTURE - 70 years in Japan’s Postwar History: Individual Memories, Collective Experiences Online
20 Oct Carving Out Beauty - The Life and Work of Munakata Shiko Online
20 Oct The Unbounded Potential of Kimono, Kyoto to Catwalk Online
22 Oct The Future of Democracy in the USA with David Runciman and Hitoshi Tanaka Online
23 Oct Paralympian’s Perspective by Noel Thatcher Online
24 Oct The King's Singers Finding Harmony in Japan 'Heiwa'Concert (Online) Online
24 & 25 Oct Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival Special Talk Events Online
26 Oct Book Launch-Ishikawa Sanshirō’s Geographical Imagination Online
28 Oct ONLINE EVENT - Bilingual Public Speaking Club Online
28Oct Spirits of Action: Japanese Manga and Sports Online
28 Oct Global collaboration against the pandemic Online
28 Oct - 07 Nov 28th Raindance Film Festival Online
29 Oct Dig Dogs — The Archaeology of Dogs in Japan: Talk by Prof Simon Kaner Online
30 & 31 Oct Kobanashi Workshop for Educators – Kobanashi Performance Instruction Methods to Teach Japanese Language Learners Online
Until 14 Dec The 16th Japanese Speech Contest for University Students Online
Until December University of Oxford Internships and Work Placements in Japan UK, Japan
Until July 2021 Japan Sort Stories Podcast- Noel Thatcher MBE, Mike Salter Podcast
Permanent Flight Paths Online


Until 04 Oct Postponed Ishiuchi Miyako Edinburgh

Northern Ireland

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