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2008 Ambassador's Commendation

3 Nov 2008



The Embassy of Japan decides to confer the Ambassador��s commendation to 3 individuals and 1 group. Their names and achievements are as follows. The commendation dates back to 1999 and is conferred to individuals and groups that have been making significant contributions to the promotion of friendship and mutual understanding between Japan and their own countries.


1. Individuals

�ʣ��� Lady Carol Holland
For her contribution to the restoration of Leach Pottery as Chair of the Leach Pottery Restoration Project


�ʣ��� Rear Admiral Richard Cobbold (CB FRAeS)
For his contribution in further developing the UK-Japan security relationship during his tenure as Director of RUSI.


�ʣ��� Professor James Ferguson Skea (Research Director, UK Energy Research Centre)
For his contribution, as Co-Chair, to the success of the Japan-UK Joint Research Project, "Roadmap to a Low-Carbon World��.


British Japanese Law Association

For its contribution in promoting exchange between Japan and British lawyers through the holding of seminars on the difference in the law system of the two countries, as well as other cultural projects






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