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2008 Foreign Minister's Commendation

3 Nov 2008



In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the relationship between Japan and the UK, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will confer the Foreign Minister��s Certificate of Commendation to 9 individuals and 1 group all of whom have long been making significant contributions to the improvement of bilateral relations between Japan and the UK. The major achievements of each are as follows. These commendations give recognition to the outstanding achievements of individuals and groups.



�ʣ��� Captain Robert Lincoln Guy ��Former Director of The Japan Society��
For his contribution in developing The Japan Society as its Director and promoting Japan-UK exchange. ����

�ʣ��� Victor Harris (Emeritus Keeper of the Japanese Collection, British Museum)
For his contribution in promoting the understanding of Japanese traditional culture in the United Kingdom through the numerous exhibitions organised while as Keeper of the Japanese Collection at the British Museum


�ʣ��� Kazumi Tanaka ( Senior Lector in Japanese, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London)
For her contribution in promoting Japanese language teaching both in the UK and Europe. She was also the core founder of the British Association of Teaching Japanese.


�ʣ��� Richard Large (Chairman of Japan 21)
For making significant contribution to the promotion of Japan-UK educational exchange by establishing Japan 21, the dedicated charity for the purpose. He remained Chairman of the charity until its merger with the Japan Society.


�ʣ��� Annesley Wright (Managing Director, TRB Limited)
For his contribution in looking after, with utmost care and kindness, the welfare of the Japanese community in North Wales and the Northwest England.


�ʣ��� Peter Roberts-Taira and Hiroko Roberts-Taira ��The Kaetsu Educational & Cultural Centre Director and Administrator�� ��
For their contribution in promoting understanding about Japan at the grass-roots level as the Director and Administrator of the Kaetsu Educational and Cultural Centre.


�ʣ��� David Farrell (Vice Principal Ballyclare Secondary School)
For his contribution in promoting Japanese language education at the secondary level in Northern Ireland.


�ʣ��� Dr Hisashi Nakamura (Japan Project Officer, York St John University)
For his contribution, in a central role, to Japan-UK cultural and educational exchange in York and the north of England.


�ʣ��� Tony Rayns (Film Critic)
An eminent film critic and great fan of Japanese cinema, he has introduced cinema audiences in the United Kingdom and throughout the world to the delights of Japanese film. For his contribution to the advancement of the appeal of Japanese film abroad and increasing understanding of Japan abroad through the medium of Japanese cinema.


����The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple


For its great contribution to the development of the modern law in Japan since early Meiji period, through educating legal professionals of Japan. Recently, it has launched a series of seminars specially designed for Japanese lawyers, regarding jury trial system in England and played a great part in Japan's preparation for the introduction of the citizen participation trial system.






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