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Speech made by JICC Director Futao Motai at the opening of the Embassy's ARCHITEN 2004 art exhibition

14 Sep 04

Counsellor Motai delivers a speech
Counsellor Motai delivers a speech

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am delighted to welcome you this evening to this exhibition of the works of budding young Japanese architects, Architen 2004 .

London is renowned as a major centre of architectural activity and excellence, so I am not surprised that it has attracted so many talented Japanese architects. Intrigued by the differences they find between the buildings and layouts of Japanese and British towns, they make the most of their opportunity to absorb British approaches to their craft. Nine highly gifted Japanese students of architecture based in London requested our Embassy to make space available for an exhibition of their work, and we were pleased to be able to respond positively. What you see here this evening are those students' creations. The exhibition comprises a fascinating range of styles and approaches, each impressive in its own way and each representing a blend of Japanese and British influences. There is something fresh and, indeed, unique about the work on display, which more established architects might struggle to express.

The Embassy is always pleased to support the creative activities of Japanese students in this country, and this exhibition gives us the opportunity to expose the work of the people involved to the wider public. At the same time, through the medium of architecture, it will surely serve to deepen mutual understanding between the Japanese and British peoples.

Without further ado, may I invite you to pick up a drink, mingle and enjoy the occasion.

Thank you.

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