Message of Gratitude for Contributions to the Great East Japan Earthquake Relief Fund



9 September 2011

The Embassy of Japan has received financial donations from a large number of people to assist those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. As of 31 August, the donations totalled £521,107.66 (* ). We are very grateful to all the individuals and organisations involved for their generosity.


The fund received by the Embassy is being sent via the Japanese Red Cross to the distribution committees of the local authorities of the affected areas so that it will reach the stricken people.


Meanwhile, the Embassy continues to accept contributions for this purpose.


Keiichi Hayashi
Ambassador of Japan


(*) As there are various ways of making contributions other than via the Embassy, such as by direct donations to the Japanese Red Cross or by going through the British Red Cross, the figure indicated here does not represent the total for contributions from the UK.