Japanese Government honours Sir Neil Cossons

On Monday 12 February 2024, Ambassador HAYASHI Hajime bestowed upon Sir Neil Cossons The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon at a ceremony held at the Ambassador's residence.
Until 2000, when he served as Director of the Science Museum London, Sir Neil contributed to the promotion of mutual understanding between the two countries by introducing the history of industry and its legacy in the UK and Japan through a variety of events. Furthermore, he made a significant contribution to the inscription of Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution on the World Heritage List in 2015, and has since been disseminating information on the preservation of Japan's industrial heritage and raising awareness of it through conferences and lectures.
At the ceremony, Ambassador Hayashi praised Sir Neil for his efforts to raise awareness of Japan's industrial heritage and the development of Japan-UK relations that lay behind it, noting that Japan's industrial development since the late 19th century was realised through close cooperation with the UK and that the history of this development symbolised the strong ties between the two countries. He praised Sir Neil for his efforts in raising awareness of Japan's industrial heritage and the development of Anglo-Japanese relations in the background.
Sir Neil expressed his gratitude to his colleagues in Japan and the UK for their support and voiced his appreciation for the friendly relationship between Japan and the UK, saying that the award was not only an honour for him but also a symbol of the deep relationship between the two countries.