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Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called  クレヨンしんちゃん 嵐を呼ぶあっぱれ!戦国大合戦

Thursday 24 November 2016 | Open 18:00 Start 18:30
Free admission. Prior registration essential.

Directed by Keiichi Hara / 2002/ 95min
(Japanese language with English subtitles)

One day, Shinnosuke finds an ornate stationery box in the back yard, in which there is a letter seemingly written by himself. As soon as he reads “I am in year two of the Tensho Era”, he time-travels to the year 1574, in the middle of the turbulent Sengoku period. As events transpire, Shinnosuke saves the life of Samurai Matabei and is in return invited to Kasuga castle, where Matabei and his clan reside. There Shinnosuke meets the beautiful Princess Ren, who appeared in his dream the night before. Meanwhile his parents, Hiroshi and Misae, are worried by his disappearance. Hiroshi comes upon some historical reference works in a library and discovers that “Shinnosuke and his family fought bravely in the war in year two of Tensho”. He and Misae jump into their car to follow their son, but they do not even know how to go back into the past…

Shinnosuke (or Shin-chan) is widely known as a cartoon character. Although the Crayon Shin-chan series is based on material that first appeared in children’s comics, this great adventure film can be enjoyed by people of any age as it explores in depth the lifestyles, conventions and social structure during that tempestuous era. The accurate portrayal of life then has also received high marks from leading historians in Japan.

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