Japanese Government honours Mr Peter Heginbotham OBE

On Wednesday 27 June 2018, Ambassador Tsuruoka bestowed the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon upon Mr Peter Heginbotham OBE, in recognition of his remarkable contribution to promoting friendly relations and exchange between Japan and the United Kingdom.

Mr Heginbotham served as Honorary Consul of Japan in Manchester over the last 10 years. He has been a bridge between North West England and Japan and continuously contributed to inspiring economic exchange between Japan and the UK, whilst also encouraging public awareness and understanding of Japan and its culture.

Mr Heginbotham actively promoted the advancement of Japanese businesses within the UK and addressed enquiries from Japanese companies interested in locating here. At the same time, he did all he could to facilitate cooperation between Japanese and British businesses. In these endeavours he was able to draw upon his vast network of contacts derived from his career embracing various important positions, including that of president of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

Mr Heginbotham assisted in launching the 'Deloitte Japanese Business Dinner', now held annually in Manchester with his continued participation. The event is an invaluable opportunity for UK and Japanese organisations to form and further strengthen their business relationships, and his contribution to improving the presence of Japanese companies within North West England is highly appreciated. In his role as Honorary Consul, he not only provided support for Japanese companies but also actively participated in Japan-related events, cultural festivals and assisted Japanese citizens in emergencies. Ambassador Tsuruoka declared that "the flourishing relationship between Japan and the North West England could not have been achieved without Mr Heginbotham’s devoted service". He sincerely thanked Mr Heginbotham for his "immense contribution to the buoyant ties between Japan and North West England".

The Embassy of Japan