Ambassador's Commendation - Mr Alun Milford

On 29 November 2018, Mr Alun Milford, General Counsel of the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), was awarded a Commendation by Ambassador Tsuruoka for his distinguished contributions in developing the friendship and mutual understanding that exists between Japan and the United Kingdom in the world of criminal law.

The SFO, established in 1987, investigates and prosecutes serious or complex fraud in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Mr Milford became General Counsel of the SFO in 2012. Since joining, he has been invaluable in helping to strengthen links in the criminal justice filed between Japan and the UK. Through him, the relationship between the SFO and the Japanese Prosecutors Office was able to grow far beyond the cooperation we had seen before.

Since Mr. Milford has been responsible for cases both investigated and prosecuted by the SFO, he has greatly contributed towards the good relationship between the Japanese Prosecutors Office and the SFO through several international investigations between Japan and the UK. In addition, Mr Milford helped many delegations and visitors, including Japanese prosecutors, to learn about the complex criminal justice system in England, holding lectures and engaging fully in discussions with them. He also provided excellent support to successive legal attaches at the Japanese Embassy, giving them good advice and information whenever it was needed. His collaboration with the Japanese Ministry of Justice also brought him to Japan himself, where he spoke significantly on the Criminal Justice System in the UK.

Mr Milford thanked the Ambassador and expressed how much he enjoyed working with Japanese lawyers, as well as having the opportunity to give lectures in Japan. He stressed the importance of legal cooperation between the two countries which, although distinct in their unique legal systems, share a strong belief in the Rule of Law.


The Embassy of Japan