Manga Jiman Mascot Contest Results

Artwork by Inko, runner up in the mascot competition

In May, a contest was run to find a new mascot to represent the Manga Jiman competition. Nearly 500 people took part in a round of public voting to select their favourite, and we can now announce that the new Manga Jiman mascot is ‘Katsu’ by Camille Whitcher. The name katsu is a play on words between the English word ‘cat’ and the Japanese verb ‘katsu’ – to win. He will be cheering on all of the entrants to the full 2018 edition of the Manga Jiman competition, which is open now!
We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to submit a mascot to the competition, and look forward to another year of Manga Jiman!
Katsu, the new Manga Jiman mascot Shortlisted entries

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