Manga Jiman Competition 2020 Shortlist

On Wednesday 13 January, the judges of the Manga Jiman competition convened online for the first time to share their opinions and decide on the shortlist for the 2020 edition of Manga Jiman. After much debate and deliberation, we are pleased to announce the shortlisted entries here. All entrants will be invited to an online event at the end of February 2021, where the overall winner will be announced.
Artwork (c) Tori Jones
Title of Entry Name of Entrant
A Clunking When I Walk Projit Mandal
Even Androids Dream Chloe Starling
FRAGILE Damian Eugenio Trigo Guillen
Innovative Stupidity Ewan Gallagher
Isamov and M.A.I.D Steven Wang
QUIT BUGGIN’ ME Robyn Pearce
RE:start Lily Cupertino
Reconnecting Edward Welch
SCRAPS Samantha Dent
Tea Time Roberta Paludi
The entries will be available to read in full as part of our online exhibition celebrating the winners, which will go live on in March. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the entrants who took part in the 2020 competition in extraordinary circumstances.