Webinar: The Spirit of Washoku

On 19 October, the Embassy hosted an online event where Chef HAYASHI Daisuke of Roketsu London shared the core principles of and the theory behind creating Japanese cuisine. He shared recipes for umami rich dashi stock, and explained how this can be incorporated in to dishes to create delicious, healthy Japanese food.

The webinar was hosted as an extension of an initiative whereby the Embassy supported a collaboration between the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Chef Hayashi to develop a Japanese menu to be served at Kew’s October festival "Japan".

As part of the collaboration, Chef Hayashi taught the chefs at the Pavillion Bar and Grill inside Kew Gardens about the core principles of washoku, before they worked together on a collaborative menu for the festival.

Chef Brwa Ahmad, Executive Chef at Kew Gardens, joined the webinar to share his thoughts on cooking Japanese food, and to let us know how things are progressing as they cook umami rich food for the visitors to the festival.