Thank you from Fukushima Reception

On 7 September, Ambassador Hayashi, Fukushima Prefecture and Motomiya City co-hosted a ‘Thank you from Fukushima’ reception at the Embassy of Japan in the UK.

This reception was held to express the gratitude to all those who supported the removal of import restrictions on Japanese food products following the Great East Japan Earthquake by the British government based on scientific evidence in this July, and to appreciate food and internationally awarded Sake from Fukushima Prefecture.

About 210 people were in attendance including Mr. Ide, Vice Governor of Fukushima Prefecture, Mr. Watanabe, Deputy Mayor of Motomiya City from Japanese side, Mr. Matt Hancock, former Secretary of state for Health and Social Care, and members of Parliament, officials from the British government, diplomatic representatives and those from food industries.

Ambassador Hayashi expressed his appreciation for all these who support the removal of the regulations in the UK. He also stressed that the decision by the UK government whose scientific knowledge and food safety standard were widely recognized, could provide positive impact on the countries which still maintained the import restrictions on Japanese food. Mr. Hancock also expressed his congratulations on the removal of the regulations and hopes for further economic exchange between the UK and Japan. Vice Governor Ide stated his gratitude for the removal of the restrictions and his expectations for deeper exchange and cooperation between the U.K. and Fukushima Prefecture.