13th Green Park Youth Concert

On Tuesday 24 January, Ambassador and Madame Hayashi hosted the 13th Green Park Youth Concert at the Embassy and invited YASUKAWA Miku, a talented young Japanese soprano, to sing a few vocal works among a wide range of her repertoire. The series continues to provide a platform for young Japanese musicians such as those who are undertaking their studies at renowned conservatoires across the UK.

In this concert, Ms Yasukawa, who has already performed successfully in various concerts and operas in the UK and Japan, performed works by YAMADA Kosaku, one of the most famous Japanese composers, as well as a work by HAYASAKA Fumio. She also sang songs by Richard Strauss and Granados amongst others. About 100 guests visited the Embassy in the cold weather and were fascinated by her warm, vivid and beautiful voice and songs that made them look forward to spring.