Exhibition: Aizome - The Craft of Japanese Indigo-dyeing


Extended until 29 September 2023

Open weekdays, 10am - 5pm
Closed weekends, UK bank holidays, 18 September (Japanese Holiday)
Free admission but photo ID is required
Advance bookings can be made here.

Indigo is one of the oldest plant dyes in existence. Since it made its way into Japan approximately 1400 years ago, indigo would enjoy popularity among aristocrats and commoners at various points in history.

The art of aizome (indigo-dyeing) became so prevalent and the fabric colour so commonly worn that when British chemist R.W. Atkinson visited Japan in the 1870s, he labelled the colour ‘Japan Blue’.

The influence of aizome can be widely seen inside and out of Japan. This exhibition brings together highly skilled artists whose works show the respect for tradition and spirit of innovation, in a variety of materials including textiles, leather, paper and pearl.

(From left to right)
Top: Fujisawa Emi; Yatsumoto Kaori; Janice Gunner
Centre: Rhyannan Hall; Jane Callender; Asai Naoyuki
Bottom: Luisa Uribe; Erna Janine; Rob Jones