26th Summer Reunion for Peace and Friendship

On 30 June, Ambassador and Madame Hayashi hosted the 26th Summer Reunion for Peace and Friendship at the Embassy of Japan in the UK.

The Summer Reunion was first held at the Embassy in 1997 as a reception for former prisoners of war and former civilian internees, as well as for their families, and individuals who had supported reconciliation projects. This year's Summer Reunion was an in-person reception like last year and was attended by approximately 190 people. Attendees were delighted to see one another again and to continue enriching their friendship after a year's absence.

Ambassador Hayashi expressed his respect and gratitude for those who have contributed so much to reconciliation in both Japan and the UK and extended his condolences to the families of those friends of the Reunion who have passed away. Ambassador Hayashi also noted that relations between both countries have deepened through several recent exchanges and that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak who visited Hiroshima to attend the G7 Hiroshima Summit and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida have renewed their determination to work closely together for global peace and stability. Ambassador Hayashi emphasized that while the international community faces a number of serious challenges, including Russia's aggression against Ukraine, Japan and the UK, as key partners, can collaborate with each other to address these challenges, and that their strong partnership is built on trust between the two peoples.