Ambassador Hayashi’s attendance at the World Coffee Summit London

On 13 September, Ambassador HAYASHI Hajime attended the World Coffee Summit London as one of the keynote speakers of the summit.
The annual summit gathers government representatives from both coffee-producing and coffee-consuming countries, as well as executives from food and coffee-related international organisations, coffee sector producers, related companies and academia from around the world to discuss challenges like climate change and other issues affecting the coffee industry.
In his speech, Ambassador Hayashi emphasised Japan’s commitment as a responsible coffee consuming country to tackle these challenges and support the industry’s overall success by strengthening public-private cooperation. In particular, he highlighted recent initiatives conducted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) as well as private sector climate initiatives spearheaded by the Japan Coffee Association and its member companies in the coffee sector. With the newly adopted International Coffee Agreement of 2022, which Japan ratified ahead of other countries, Japan is at the forefront of both enhancing public-private collaboration and encouraging greater innovation and technological advances in the coffee sector. Ambassador Hayashi stated that the Government of Japan will continue its efforts to address the challenges ahead and to the success of the coffee industry as a whole.