Ambassador’s Commendation - Professor Dapo Akande

On 6 February, Ambassador HAYASHI Hajime awarded the Ambassador’s Commendation to Professor Dapo Akande, University of Oxford.

Professor Akande has played an important role in the progressive development of international law through his long-standing research, practice and teaching activities in the field of public international law, including serving as a member of the UN Commission on International Law with Professor ASADA Masahiko of Doshisha University. Last year, Professor Akande contributed to Japan’s efforts to promote a free and open international order based on the rule of law through activities such as offering briefings at the UN Security Council Ministerial Open Debate on the Rule of Law, hosted by Japan, and delivering a keynote speech at the first Tokyo Seminar on International Law.

Ambassador Hayashi praised Professor Akande’s various activities around the world as regards the establishment of the rule of law, including the education of the next generation of international law scholars and practitioners, and thanked him for his contribution to Japan’s efforts in the field of international law.

In response, Professor Akande said he was honoured to receive the commendation and expressed his continued desire to work with Japan towards the further development of international law.