Ambassador Hayashi’s attendance at Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance centenary ceremony

On 7 February, Ambassador HAYASHI Hajime attended a ceremony held at London’s Guildhall to celebrate 100 years of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance’s operation in the UK.

In his speech, Ambassador Hayashi stated that, with the world facing many serious challenges such as climate change, natural disasters, geopolitical risks and ageing populations, insurance was a powerful tool for diversifying the risks faced by individuals and corporations and for fostering better living standards and sustainable growth. He also referred to the important role played by insurance companies in embracing the new form of capitalism that the Government of Japan was aiming for. In addition, he praised Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance’s long-standing contribution in the UK. He expressed the hope that, even in the midst of rapidly and drastically changing times, the company would continue to work for the further development of the British economy, for instance through job creation, towards the next 100 years, leading to a stronger partnership between Japan and the UK.