Foreign Minister’s Commendation - Mr Robin James Maynard MBE

On Friday 8 March 2024, Ambassador HAYASHI Hajime presented the Foreign Minister’s Commendation to Mr Robin James Maynard at a ceremony held at the Ambassador's residence.

During his long stay in Japan, Mr Maynard has been involved in various forms of Anglo-Japanese exchange and founded the William Adams Club in 2015. That organisation promotes Anglo-Japanese exchange through honouring and raising awareness of the achievements of William Adams, an Englishman who arrived in Japan in 1600 and later became an advisor to Tokugawa Ieyasu, contributing greatly to the establishment of bilateral relations.

At the ceremony, Ambassador Hayashi congratulated Mr Maynard on being awarded the Foreign Minister's Commendation, praising his wide range of achievements related to Japan, including his contribution to the fostering of friendship between the UK and Japan through William Adams, a key figure in the early days of Anglo-Japanese ties, and his reconstruction assistance activities following the Great East Japan Earthquake.

In response, Mr Maynard, fondly recalling his experience in Japan, referred positively to Japan’s soft power while stressing the importance of continued progress in the bilateral relationship and declared that receiving the Foreign Minister's Commendation was a great honour. He also expressed his gratitude to his family and members of the William Adams Club for their support.