Ambassador Hayashi’s attendance at a conference on the Free and Open Indo-Pacific organised by the University of Oxford

On Monday 11 March, Ambassador HAYASHI Hajime attended a conference entitled “The Free and Open Indo-Pacific: Japan’s strategic vision goes global”, organised by the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies at the University of Oxford, where he delivered a speech as guest of honour. He expressed satisfaction that various forms of cooperation under the flag of a Free and Open Indo-Pacific originally proposed by Japan were under way involving like-minded countries such as the UK and called for continued efforts to foster joint efforts to realise a Free and Open Indo-Pacific, with broader support from the international community.

During the conference, multifaceted discussions took place on grand strategy, the world and regional order, geopolitics and geoeconomics, security and defence, economic security, relations with the so-called “Global South”, and the future of the Free and Open Indo-Pacific concept as well as the direction of global cooperation, including the Anglo-Japanese partnership.

At a high table dinner at St Antony's College afterwards, Ambassador Hayashi discussed the international situation and Anglo-Japanese cooperation with participants of the conference as well as professors and fellows of the University of Oxford.