Exhibition: Yoshida – Seasons through the Eyes of a Family



Wednesday 5 June until Thursday 15 August 2024
Open weekdays, 09.30am - 5.30pm
Closed weekends, Monday 15 July (Japanese Holiday)
Free admission but photo ID is required
Advance bookings can be made here

The Yoshida family of artists has created an important legacy across multiple generations in a wide variety of media, styles, and techniques.

Born in 1876, Hiroshi showed artistic promise in his youth and went on to study under the tutelage of Yoshida Kasaburo, an early pioneer of Western-style art in Japan, and was adopted into the family. He continued his studies in Kyoto and Tokyo before trips to the US and the UK would open his eyes to the possibilities of working with woodblock prints. Hiroshi became a keen advocate of the shin-hanga (new print) movement where he seamlessly combined Western realistic expression with Japanese traditions.
Spring in a Hot Spring, 1940 (left) and Shiraishi Island, 1930 (right) by Yoshida Hiroshi

Hiroshi married Fujio, the daughter of Yoshida Kasaburo and an artist in her own right. Together, they had two sons, Tōshi and Hodaka, who continued the family legacy.
Tōshi was able to learn directly from his father and the other artists in his studio from an early age. His early work followed his father’s style but he carved out his own particular niche through abstract prints and scenes of wildlife on a larger scale. The children of both Tōshi and Hodaka have carried on the family tradition.

Cape Irozaki, Morning, 1961 (left) and Rhinoceros, 1987 (right) by Yoshida Tōshi

The Yoshida family’s dedication to passing on knowledge and techniques and their willingness to push boundaries have helped cement their artistic heritage which over time has evolved from using a traditional Japanese style to producing modern Western-style art, and finally to post-modernism.
To learn more about the Yoshida artistic dynasty, visit the Dulwich Picture Gallery to view their exhibition, Yoshida: Three Generations of Japanese Printmaking which is open from 19 June – 3 November 2024.  

All images courtesy of the Japanese Gallery Kensington.