2016 Foreign Minister's Commendation – The Japan Society

On 2 November 2016, Ambassador Koji Tsuruoka bestowed the Foreign Minister’s Commendation upon The Japan Society for its role in promoting mutual understanding between Japan and the United Kingdom. The bestowal took place on the occasion of a dinner to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the establishment of the Society, in the presence of the Chairman, Sir David Warren, other members and a distinguished special guest, The Rt Hon Sir John Major.

In his remarks, Ambassador Tsuruoka praised the Japan Society as a major player in the evolution of the Japan-UK partnership, having striven tirelessly over its long history to foster the warm ties that unite our two countries.  The decision to award the Foreign Minister’s Commendation, which he felt was richly deserved, reflected the Government of Japan’s deep appreciation of the Society’s unique contribution to our bilateral relations. He was confident that our ties would continue to thrive in the years ahead, thanks in no small measure to the Society’s valuable endeavours.

Speaking on behalf of the Japan Society, Sir David thanked the Japanese Government for extending its recognition in this way and paid tribute to a number of individual and cooperate members whose support had been crucial to the Society’s success. He referred to the educational work carried out by the Society after the merger with Japan 21 as well as the wide range of activities being conducted in the cultural and commercial arenas. In conclusion, he declared that the Society would continue to play an important part in bringing our two countries and peoples even closer together in the future.

The Embassy of Japan