16th Manga Jiman and Yonkoma Competition Shortlist

This week the Manga Jiman competition judges convened to discuss the 16th Manga Jiman and Yonkoma entries. After substantial discussions we are pleased to reveal this year’s shortlist:

Name of Entrant Title of Entry
Andrew Attwell That mobile life
Cornelius Brandreth The Paper People
Alex Brennan-Dent Signal
Kyle Charlton Family
CM Kevin Li Jonathan in agony!
Samuel Dewick Can You Hear Me?
Ewan Gallagher AUX
Patrick Gordon Beyond the A:/
Yue Guan Looking for a Missing Piece
Hanna Gwynn Interplanetary
Otsu Yurika Flower of Lindo
Agatha Roud 「GLHF」
Joshua Sims Abella

The number and standard of entries this year has been extremely high, and there were many fantastic entries which did not make it to the shortlist. We hope that all who entered take pride in their work which were of a generally high standard and showed great story telling ability.

Thank you for the time you have invested in your manga pieces and your interest in our competition. We are looking forward to receiving your entries in future competitions so please stay in touch!

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