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Until Dec 2020 University of Oxford Internships and Work Placements in Japan UK, Japan
25 Jul-17 Aug Flintshire Optec Japanese Youth Exchange Trust UK, Japan

Northern Ireland

July No Schedule - - -


01 Jul The role of design in a new digital era London
01 Jul EVENT: Our Road to Recovery: The Rugby World Cup – A Driving Force for Recovery in Kamaishi London
02 Jul EVENT: Our Road to Recovery: An Anime Studio in Fukushima London
06 Jun-26 Jul Exhibition: Everything Comes in Waves by Kentaro Yamada London
05 Jul Manga: colour and style London
05 Jul Sake Tasting at British Museum Late Manga: colour and style London
05 Jul-02 Sep Visitors by Ushiki Masanori London
06 Jul Avex Recital Series 2019 HONJOH Hidejiro Shamisen Recital London
06 Jul EVENT: BASARA: A Talk by Kansai YAMAMOTO London
06, 07 Jul EVENT: DASSAI Sake Tasting London
08 Jul IWC awarded Sake tasting London
09-17 Jul An exhibition of three Japanese ceramicists London
11 Jul Music & Manga: A Vision of Sound London
11 Jul-21 Sep “A Secret Beauty: The Spirit of Japanese Makie” The Lacquer Works of Koyanagi Tanekuni London
12 Jul ONE CUT OF THE DEAD with Q&A from star Harumi Shuhama London
13 Jul EVENT: Mercian Koshu Wine Tasting London
13-26 Jul Gastropolis Kobe Fair in London London
18 Jul EVENT: Manga Innovations: Talk by Paul GRAVETT London
19 Jul JET programme predeparture orientation and reception London
19-30 Jul Japanese tableware pop-up by MADE IN JAPAN TABLEWARE at Sway Gallery London
20 Jul SEMINAR: The myriad worlds of manga - GOLDEN KAMUY London
20-21 Jul SCORED IN SILENCE London
22 Jul Carmen Blacker Lecture 2019: Dragon Bones, Sacred Pillars and Holy Tombs: Some Archaeological Observations on Traditional Japanese Religion – with Professor Simon Kaner London
20-27 Jul Japan Youth Challenge 2019 London
23 Jul Japan Youth Challenge 2019: Screening of short documentary Imphal 1944 London
25 Jul EVENT: Japanese Museums, Talk by Sophie RICHARD London
25-27 Jul Sushi Girls London
26 Jul Japan's Economic Diplomacy London
26 Jul Japan Youth Challenge 2019: UCL-Japan Youth Challenge Symposium London
27 Jul Cancelled Manga Speaks Japanese! London
27 Jul WORKSHOP: What is Manga? Drawing Workshop by KUTSUWADA Chie London
30 Jul EVENT: Film Screening: The Manga Master London
31 Jul WORKSHOP: Draw Your Own Manga Page: Workshop by Elena VITAGLIANO London
Until 31 Aug The Library: LGBTQ+: Diversity in Manga London
Until 26 Aug The Citi exhibition Manga London
Until 26 Aug The Citi exhibition Manga: Programme of Events London
Until 28 Jul Touring Exhibition: This is Manga – the Art of URASAWA Naoki London
Until 26 Jul Exhibition: Everything Comes in Waves by Kentaro Yamada London
Until 13 Jul Hikari Shimoda: Stand Up, Saviour London
Until 20 Jul Connections: An exhibition of Japanese ceramics London