05 Oct-01 Dec Part Seen, Part Imagined Glasgow
06 Oct Japan Autumn Festival Edinburgh
11-20 Oct Scotland Loves Anime 2019 Edinburgh

Northern Ireland

October No Schedule - - -


01 Oct UK-JAPAN Bridge Together Concert James Taylor Quartet + Naomi Suzuki with Mari Natsuki London
02, 23 & 27 Oct Gallery Talk Series: Spotlight on Anno’s Journey London
03 Oct MYM presents: Okinawan Avant-Garde Night London
03 Oct Private View: The Post-Anthropocene by Inose Naoya London
03 Oct Artist Talk: Inose Naoya London
03 Oct-01 Nov EXHIBITION: The Post-Anthropocene by Inose Naoya London
03 Oct-24 Nov Nara: Sacred Images from Early Japan London
04 Oct Archaeology of the Future London
04 Oct Kagura and Shinto: Performance & Talk by Kasuga Taisha and Niukawakami Shrine with Chief Priests Kasannoin Hirotada & Kusaka Yasuhiro London
04 Oct-15 Nov Yamamoto Sakubei & the Rich Seams of Japan’s Coal Mining History London
05 Oct Buddhism and the Way of Tea: Talk by Tōshōdai-ji Abbot Nishiyama Myōgen & Tea Ceremony Demonstration London
05 Oct A-I-U-E-O: Learning Japanese Letters & Numbers with Anno Mitsumasa Japanese Language Workshop London
05 Oct Reconstructing Buddhist Wooden Sculpture: Talk with Professor Yabuuchi Satoshi London
05 Oct Shōmyō: Japanese Buddhist Sutra Chanting and Talk with Tōdai-ji Abbot Sagawa Fumon London
06 Oct Songs from the Shōwa Period - Illustrated Concert by the Tsubasa Children’s Choir and Jason Kouchak - Part Two London
07 Oct Animator Talk with Takeshi Yashiro London
08 Oct Fabula Collective - Ley Line London
09-13 Oct The Japanese Textiles and Craft Festival London
09-31 Oct Kimonos: a portrait of a Japanese family London
09 Oct-27 Nov Japanese Woodblock Printmaking London
10 Oct Films at the Embassy of Japan: Our Little Sister 海街diary London
10 Oct Children’s Picture Books in Early Modern Japan: Talk by Dr Laura Moretti London
11 Oct Author Talk with Kanako Nishi London
12 Oct Kamishibai Storytelling: Performance by A Thousand Cranes London
Until 12 Oct LIVE SCREENINGS: Rugby World Cup 2019 London
13 Oct Robot Interactions: Experience Osaka with Orihime London
15 Oct Japan Sport Council London 10th Anniversary Symposium -’Relationships’ as the driving force, to the next decade in sport- London
15 Oct Walk Cheerfully film screening London
16 Oct Ingrid Fuzjko Hemming London Piano Recital 2019 London
16 Oct FinTech: Investing in the Future? London
17 Oct Digital Technologies and Global Innovation London
18 Oct Geiko and Maiko Guest Appearances at Japan House London
18 Oct Shinya Fukumori & Andrew McCormack duo – Concert presented by Yokohama Calling London
19 Oct ‘SERENADE’ with the ‘AJSW Chamber Music Ensemble’ London
19 & 20 Oct Tosa Nakama Sake Fair London
19 & 26 Oct Japanese Education Workshop - Sharing Teaching Ideas for Creative Japanese Language Activities in Classrooms London
20 Oct CONVERGENCE – Shinya Fukumori, BJ Cole, Iain Ballamy, Chris Montague – Concert presented by Yokohama Calling London
21 Oct-24 Nov Oral Histories: Wasurena-gusa Project Film Screening London
24 & 25 Oct Gagaku: Concert-Lecture by Tenri University Gagaku Music Society London
24-27 Oct The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Festival London
24-29 Oct Beyond Vagueness Aesthetics of Japan A group exhibition of unique and creative Japanese artists, curated by Artrate London
25 Oct Screening: The Enthronement of His Majesty The Emperor Naruhito’ London
25 & 26 Oct Nara Ittobori: Wood-carving demonstration by Araki Yoshindo London
26 Oct An Introduction to Gagaku: Workshop with Tenri University Gagaku Music Society London
27 Oct Megumi Fujita Piano Recital, Complete 24 Etudes by Frédéric Chopin London
Until 27 Oct EXHIBITION: Anno's Journey: the World of Anno Mitsumasa London
29 Oct The Challenge of Migration in the UK and Japan London
29 Oct Japan Room Lecture: Nazani Tea Time from Ancient Greece to Mugicha London
Until 29 Nov Inside/Out: Jiro Takamatsu and Keiji Uematsu in conversation London