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Borrow DVDs

Listed below are some of the videos and DVDs that are available for loan from the JICC.
For further information on what is available and for an application form please email

  5min. 1. Homes
  5min. 2.Food Culture
  5min. 3. Japanese Cuisine
  5min. 4. Clothing
  5min. 5. Customs
  6min. 6. Annual Events
  6min. 7.Festivals
  5min. 8. Leisure
  5min. 9. Lifelong Education
  5min. 10.Office Workers
  5min. 11. Women
  5min. 12.Children
  6min. 1. The Imperial Family
  7min. 2. Diplomacy
  6min. 3. International Contribution I (International Peace
Cooperation & Global Issues)
  7min. 4. International Contribution II (ODA)
  6min. 5. Political System
  6min. 6. Defence
  6min. 7. Public Order
  6min. 8. Disaster Prevention
  6min. 9. Transportation
  5min. 10. Education
  5min. 11.Welfare
  5min. 12. Environment

A-1 20 min. Abduction(Rachi)
An unforgivable crime: The Japanese citizens abducted by
North Korea
A-5 151min. Animation:
Kihachiro Kawamoto Film Works
A-6 91min. Animation:
Koji Yamamura Film Works
A-7   Animation
Tokyo International Anime Fair 2007
A-12 61min. Awa Odori Lesson (to learn how to dance festival dance Awaodori)
C-2 13min. Chinkin: Ornamental Beauty created by the Art of Carving
D-2 120 min. Delicious Nippon
#1 Japanese Cuisine (30 min,), #2 Rice( 30 min),
#3 Seafood (30 min.), #4 Vegetables ( 30 min.)
D-5 36 min. Disaster Reduction






Disasters and Countermeasures in Japan



Sharing Disaster-Reduction Awareness with the World



Collaboration with International Organizations



International Cooperation to Reduce Disasters



Towards a Safer World for the Next Generation



E-1 43min. Empress Michiko
(Kogoheika Michiko-Sama: Heika no Osobade)
F-1 46min.06sec. Fantastic Destinations in Japan
Mt. Fuji: A Timeless Beauty
The Japanese Onsen: Healing the Body Soothing the Spirit
Winter in Japan: Sparkling Ice, Gleaming Snow
F-5 12min. Future's Set To Tokyo
Introducing the past and present of the city of Tokyo, and the vision of its future.
G-4 5 min. A Glimpse into Japan
Visual images of all aspects of beautiful Japan.
(only musice)
G-7 73min. GOCHI-SO Japanese Cuisine
2. Japanese Sweet Gallery WAGASHI
3. Let's Try A Sushi Feast GOCHI SO ZUSHI
4. Do It Yourself Cooking File
H-3 8min. 52sec. Hello! Japan 2007
Introducing Japan and Japanese culture for children
J-1 86min.
Japanese Culture and Life: World Heritage, Food Culture
Traditional Culture, Seasons
J-2 15min. Japan-Land of Vitality
J-5 16min. Joy to the Earth
The Advanced Land Observing Satellite "ALOS-Daichi" launched by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency shows us our planet earth.




J-7   J-POP Promotion Video 2007 Selection
Featuring Japanese Pop Music
J-8   J-POP Promotion Video 2008 Selection
Featuring Japanese Pop Music
J-10 39min.35sec. Culture/Lifestyle:
Monkiri Asobi-The Art of Paper cuttings
Donabe- Most Versatile of Cooking Pots
Deco Art - It’s Everywhere 3min.58sec.
High - Rise Work Fashion 3min.27sec.
Tokyo's Subtropical Islands
Night Festival in Chichibu
Iwami Kagura-Ancient Ritual to Modern Folk Art
French Idea for Mobile Living
Minamata - An Eco - Aware Community
Green Revolution Transforms City Rooftops
K-1 99min. The Best Selection of KABUKI (Traditional theatre)
Yoshitune Senbonzakura
Kawatsura Hogen Yakata no Ba
Okuniwa no Ba
Zaodohanayagura no Ba
K-2 73min. The Best Selection of KABUKI (Traditional theatre)
Fujimusume, Yasuna, Sagimusume
K-3 180min. The Best Selection of KABUKI (Traditional theatre)
Yamato Takeru
K-4 43 min. The Best Selection of KABUKI (Traditional theatre)
K-5 16min. Kazari: Decoration and Display in Japan 15th-19th Century
K-7 16min Kenrokuen: A Chronicle of the Renowned Garden
K-10 60 min. Kyoto San Dai Matsuri: Gion, Aoi, & Jidai Festivals
(Kyoto's 3 biggest traditional festivals)
K-12 126min. Kyougen de Gozaru (Traditional Comedy Theatre)
M-2 25min. Megumi:
Animation on Abductions of Japanese citizens by North Korea
M-5 79min.
Modern Japan: Pop Culture, Active Japanese, Technology
& Environmental Preservation, Industry
M-7 16min.02sec. Mt. Fuji
A Timeless Beauty
M-9 10sec.40min. Murasaki Shikibu and The Tale of Genji World
N-1 80min. This is Noh (Traditional Theatre)
Noh Izutsu: The Wooden Water Well
N-2 80min. Nohgakushi: A documentary film about the Noh stages, Noh lessons and the conversations of the master Sekine and his son.
O-6 15min.03sec. Onsen: The Japanese Onsen (Spa)
Heeling the Body, Soothing the Spirit
R-1 64min. Rekishi Kaido (Historical Path)
R-5 50 min. Robosapiens: Featuring Humanoid Industry
S-1 14min. Sake: Kikuhime-Saijiki (Rice wine, how it’s made)
S-3   Sea of Japan - A globally established name
S-5 90 min. Senzo Nishikawa The 22th Recital
S-6 26min. Seto no Bi
Seto Islands Sea is a marine environment bounded by the islands of Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. Historically, it has been a centre of Japanese culture since ancient ties.
S-7 20 min. Sushi Basic: How to make sushi
T-2 43 min. Their Majesties The Emperor and Empress of Japan
Press conference in Commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of His Majesty's Accession to the Throne
T-4 12min. The Tokyo you have never seen
Introduction of Tokyo city.
T-5 16min. Tokyo Colours
This presentation highlights various faces and characteristics of Tokyo that can be found throughout the four seasons. It shows the traditional culture of Tokyo and its history of 400 years, the world-famous art of anime, the must see cutting-edge of digital paradise of Akihabara, the beautifully green Takao, the beautiful resort areas of the Izu Islands.
T-7 7min. (total) TOUCH on JAPAN
    Cosmic Garden: Showing Japanese sceneries and gardens
    Now and Zen: Showing Japanese product designs
    Re-Mix: Showing Japanese fashion
    Re-Generation: Showing young Kabuki actors in motion.
T-9 82min Tourist Attractions of Japan
Sightseeing and Festivals
W-3 15min.01sec. Winter in Japan
Sparkling Ice, Gleaming Snow
Y-1 11min.11sec. Yokoso Japan 2005
Visit Japan Campaign: Tourist promotion
Y-2 4min. 22sec. Yokoso Japan 2006
Visit Japan Campaign: Tourist promotion
Y-3 3min.30sec. Yokoso Japan 2008
Visit Japan Campaign: Tourist promotion