Visa: Spouse or Child of Japanese National Visa


Personal relationship or status for which residence is authorised:

Spouses of Japanese nationals, children adopted by Japanese nationals in accordance with the provisions of Article 817-2 of the Civil Code (Act No. 89 of 1896) or those born as the child of a Japanese national.

Purpose of Visa

Spouse of Japanese National Visa is for a legal spouse of a Japanese national to accompany that Japanese national to reside in Japan.
Child of Japanese National Visa is for a child of a Japanese national, who does not themself hold Japanese nationality, to reside in Japan.

Period of Stay

1 year or more


In principle, applicants should submit an application with a Certificate of Eligibility.
However, in cases where it is difficult to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility, such as cases where the Japanese spouse, parent or any other relative is not living in Japan, please contact the visa desk in advance to check whether it may be possible to apply without a Certificate of Eligibility.

Other Information

Within 14 days of moving into an address in Japan, Spouse or Child of Japanese National Visa holders must apply for Resident Registration at a local government office near to where they are living (further details).

Note 1: All applications for this category of visa must be made by the applicant in person at our office.

Note 2: The Japanese spouse is strongly recommended to be present at the time of application, if they are in the UK.