Japanese Government (MEXT) Postgraduate Scholarships


The application window for the 2022 MEXT Postgraduate Scholarship Programme for UK nationals is now open. All applications must be emailed to the scholarship office by Monday 24 May 2021, 17:00 (BST). The selection is subject to change depending on the pandemic situation in the UK.

Past exams can be viewed here.


Application Documents

Please be sure to thoroughly read through the Application Guidelines before submitting the necessary documents for your application.


Application Deadline

The deadline for this year’s intake is Monday 24 May 2021, 17:00 (BST). Application forms saved as PDFs must be emailed by this date for preliminary screening. All shortlisted candidates will have to submit original hard copies by a later stage.

All enquiries should directed to:

MEXT Postgraduate Scholarship
Japan Information and Cultural Centre
Embassy of Japan
101-104 Piccadilly, London W1J 7JT

*Currently, online interviews are expected to take place in July 2021. Shortlisted candidates will be notified of the date, time and medium of their interviews.

[Notes for email submission]


  • Application files (1), (3), (8) and (9) if applicable should be saved in the order of the numbers specified in the Application Guidelines (see 9. Application Documents) in a PDF file, except (2) Placement Preference Application Form and (7) Medical Certificate (or Self-Assessment Medical Report) separately.
  • Your referee should email a signed recommendation letter (6) / (10), preferably in headed letter form, directly to the Embassy.
  • Authorised transcripts (4) and degree certificates or letters of prospective graduation (5) can be directly emailed to the Embassy from your university.
  • Please specify the programme you are applying for in the title of the email (eg. “2022 Postgraduate Scholarship”).
  • The size of each email should not exceed 10MB otherwise it cannot be received.
  • Due to high volume of emails we receive, we are not able to send an acknowledgement of receipt to each application. If you wish to check the receipt, it is recommended that you set up an option of “Request a Delivery Receipt” in your email account before emailing your application.

Application Timetable

Please note that the timetable for this year differs to previous years.

Application period April to 24 May 2021
UK interviews July 2021
Results of primary screening in the UK* Late July 2021
Secondary screening in Tokyo October to November 2021
FINAL RESULTS with placement by Tokyo January 2022
Pre-departure orientation March 2022
Departure for Japan April or September/October 2022

*Please note that, although candidates may be successful up until this point, the final result depends on confirmation of your university placement.


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