*Fundraising Event = Fundraising Event for the Great East Japan Earthquake


 Ikebana Demonstration, “Twelve months of flowers, five celebrations in a year”

The Brompton Oratory Church Hall, London

1 Mar 11

Colours of Japan - exhibition

Space fiftyfour, London

1 - 6 Mar 11

ANDANTE CANTABILE exhibition of abstract oil paintings

Barbican Library, London

2 - 28 Mar 11

HIbiki – Resonances from Japan/  A Celebration Japanese Music Week at Kings Place

Kings Place, London

3-5 Mar 11

Thames to Tama Exhibition

Thames to Tama Exhibition, Southend on Sea

3 - 24 Mar 11


Conway Hall, London

5 Mar 11

Melting Vinyl and Towner present… CLUB TOKYO

Towner, Eastborne

5 Mar 11

Talk by Akiko Fukai: the power of Japanese fashion and its cultural context

The Japan Foundation, London

8 Mar 11

AJSW Classical Music Concert Series-Bristol

March 2011

Bristol Cathedral, Bristol

8 Mar 11

La Faute Des Fleurs – A Portrait of Kazuki Tomokawa by Vincent Moon (film screening) + talk by Alan Cummings

Cafe OTO, London

8 Mar 11

Tatsuhisa Yamamoto – Two Day Residency

Cafe OTO, London

9 & 10 Mar 11

Modern Photography in Japan

Daiwa Foundation Japan House, London

10 Mar 11

 Rethinking Mrs Watanabe : changes and constraints in the relationship between Japanese women and accounting / finance under the influence of globalisation by Dr Naoko Komori

The Japan Foundation, London

11 Mar 11

Enough to Surprise Hiroshige, ‘One Hundred Famous Views of the City’, Kenji Sakatsugi

The Oriental Club, London

10 Mar 11


Cities across the UK

Opens in cinemas on 11 Mar 11

The Role of the State and the Future of Higher Education in the UK, Japan and Continental Europe

Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies, Oxford

11 - 12 Mar 11

Japanese Foreign Policy in the Asian Theatre, Mitoji Yabunaka, Adviser to Nomura Research Institute and Former Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs

Nomura, London

14 Mar 11

Seven Angels Talk

Daiwa Foundation Japan House, London

14 Mar 11

Security in East Asia: The Challenges Ahead

LSE, London

15 Mar 11

AJSW Classical Music Series in London- March

St Dunstan-In-The-West, London

16 Mar 11

Mokume - By Kentaro Kobuke

Daiwa Foundation Japan House, London

16 Mar - 6 May 11

Third Thursday Lecture:'Anti-Beauty' Portraits and Modern Painting in Japan

Sainsbury Institute, Norwich

17 Mar 11

Around the World in 30 Days: An evening of Japanese music

The Gallery Cafe, London

18 Mar 11

We Don't Care About Music Anyway...

Cafe OTO, London

21, 22 & 23 Mar 11

Machiya:Traditional Japanese merchanttownhouses A talk by Pauline Chakmakjian

Dartmouth House, London

22 Mar 11


Bar Rumba, London

24 Mar 11

Images and Openings of Japan: An Exploration of some Major Themes and Myths in Japanese International History from Kamikaze and Kurofune, to Sakoku and Rangaku

The Oriental Club, London

24 Mar 11

Joint Lunch with JCCI: “The Fate of the Euro” by Bill Emmott International Author and Adviser

The Japan Society, London

24 Mar 11

Sachiko + Finji Fukuoka

Cafe OTO, London

26 Mar 11

Tatton Park Japanese Centenary 2011:
Mansion Exhibition: Japanese Gardens-Visions of Paradise

Tatton Park, Cheshire

26 Mar - 3 July 11

`To Call the Wind to Strike a Butterfly`, An Installation of Seventeen New Paintings by Carol Wagstaff

Worthing Museum and Art Gallery, Worthing

26 Mar - 9 Jul 11

AJSW Classical Music Series in London- CONCERTS FOR EASTER

St Dunstan-In-The-West, London

29 Mar, 12 & 13 Apr 11

Street style meets art at Towner
Tomoaki Suzuki solo exhibition

Towner, Eastborne

11 Dec 10 - 6 Mar 11

Tokyo Story (after Hiroshige)

Daiwa Foundation Japan House, London

19 Jan - 11 Mar 2011

The Japan foundation Touring Film Programme: Back to the Future

London, Belfast, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Bristol, Sheffield

4 Feb - 28 Mar 11

Manga Jiman 2010 Exhibition

Embassy of Japan, London

21 Feb - 31 Mar 11