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New Passport Application (First passport or New passport after previous passport has expired)

  1. One completed Application Form - Download available

    - Application form is also available at Embassy. ※Sample (PDF) : Adult (Over 20 years old)別ウィンドウで開く / Minor and 5 years passport別ウィンドウで開く

  2. One official copy of the Family Register (KOSEKI TOHON) (must have been issued within six months prior to the passport application; available from the municipal office in your Registered Domicile) ※Note 1
  3. One passport-sized photograph (taken within the past six months)
  4. Expired Japanese passport - only when applying for a new passport after previous passport has expired
  5. Proof of valid UK Residence Permit/Entry Clearance where applicable, in the form of one of the following: ※Note 2
  6. A. BRP card
    B. UK Residence Permit/Entry Clearance in passport
    C. 'Share code' and 'Your immigration status' printout from showing your name, ID photo and immigration status
  7. Additional documents for first passport application
    If you wish to have your name written on your passport with a spelling other than Hepburn Romanisation, or if you wish to have another name written in brackets on your passport, please include in your application an official document proving the spelling of this name. Acceptable forms of proof include an original birth certificate issued by a non-Japanese government body, or a valid passport belonging to your non-Japanese parent.

※Note 1

The Embassy is not able to issue an official copy of the Family Register (KOSEKI TOHON).

※Note 2

If you are a UK passport holder, this is not required. If so, please bring your UK passport.